Create The Perfect Firm: 8-Step Formula Revealed
February 24, 2017
One Page Plan
February 28, 2017

Remaining Relevant by Rob Nixon Chapters 1 - 3

Rob Nixon explores why the accounting profession is being disrupted and how accountants can overcome these market forces in the best selling book.

Use this to get your team inspired and to ensure your firm is moving forward!  Download Chapter 1 - 3 now!  You’ll cover the following:


Chapter 1 – The Way of the Dinosaur
  • Cloud changes everything
  • Globalization of workforces
  • Compliance as a commodity
  • 12 predictions of the profession
  Chapter 2 – A new plan is needed
  • Business by Design
  • BHAG’s and SMAG’s
  • Breaking with in order to breakthrough
  Chapter 3 – The Real Time Accountant
  • Redundant or Real Time
  • What clients really want
  • Technology makes it too easy
  • What to do with the data

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