What It Takes to Be a Successful Accounting Firm (May 19)

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August 14, 2017
Upfront Pricing: Key to Increased Profitability & Stronger Client Relationships
August 14, 2017

Get in the trenches with Accountants on the path to success.

There’s nothing better than a real success story. But, with today’s Accounting profession in the midst of disruption, CPA’s must make changes to become successful. Key to this is 100% commitment, unwavering determination and the correct use of training and technology available to Accountants these days.

Beth Williams, Principal at Williams & Kunkel and Ed Lloyd, Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC can share key insights from the front lines for you.

Join these proactive Accountants and our Vice President Implementation Sia Kal in a panel discussion to discover:

  • How to develop the proper mindset to become a successful Accountant
  • Why Accounting business innovation has proven to be an invaluable factor to success
  • What methodologies and tools should be employed to achieve your firm’s goals
  • How to effectively implement practical strategies to drive profit, capacity and growth

These are real people with real success stories that you can emulate.

Look forward to your company.

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