Upfront Pricing: Key to Increased Profitability & Stronger Client Relationships

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August 14, 2017
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August 14, 2017

Did you know that 90% of clients pinpoint pricing as one of their top three frustrations? This figure comes from 20 years of conducting hundreds of client focus group meetings to find out what they love, hate and would do differently if they were running your firm.

Clients want to plan ahead financially. So they want to know how much they have to pay you and not have to worry about additional charges after you’ve finished projects.

So the right way to price a project is to price it upfront (ideally based on the value you contribute to the client) and you should notify the client in advance of the price and the scope of work. By doing this, your team is motivated to be as efficient as possible. Thus, capacity increases to do more work and/or take on more clients and profitability skyrockets. Join me in this webinar to learn how to implement upfront pricing correctly.

In this FREE session, your key takeaways will be how to:

  • Implement a workflow process that integrates your new pricing methodology
  • Incentivize your team to become more efficient so capacity is increased for new projects and/or new clients
  • Eliminate write-downs to increase average billing rate and drive up profitability
  • Train your team to analyze jobs to price them upfront and set boundaries to avoid scope creep
  • Effectively communicate pricing options with clients to remove the uncertainty around fees and build stronger client relationships

Presented by:
Sia Kal
Vice President Implementation @ PANALITIX

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