Using Value Pricing to Free Up The Time You Need to Grow Your Firm

Implementation Masterclass: 11 Ways to Improve Receivables & Free Up Cash Flow
August 14, 2017
Developing Your A-Team
August 14, 2017

In a true value-pricing environment, you price projects upfront and thus your team is incentivized to drive as much time out of client projects. This increases your capacity for new projects or new clients which means more profit and revenue growth.

Value pricing is the ultimate approach to breaking the nexus between hours and price. Consider how many times in your career you provided a client with advice that created significant value but, because it only took you 30 minutes, your fee was very low (or even non-existent.). It may have been short discussion but based on years of learning how to give that advice. It’s that value gap that you need to fill by becoming expert at value-based pricing.

In this one-hour session, your key takeaways will be:

  • The how-to methodologies for proper implementation of value pricing to gain more capacity and thus more profit and revenue growth
  • The process of how to understand your client’s objectives and the perceived value if you achieve those objectives
  • The ability to quantify the value that you provide, identify value-based projects, come up with the optimal price and sell these services
  • The skill of how to articulate value pricing projects to get buy-in from your team and, most importantly, your clients

Presented by:
Colin Dunn
Co-founder & Director, Member Success @ PANALITIX

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