Rob Nixon

January 16, 2015

What clients really want from their Accountant # 4

We asked 428 business owners if they were interested in you having direct access to their data in real time and then send you alerts and […]
January 11, 2015

What clients want from their Accountant # 1

We just finished a survey of 428 small to medium business owners. We asked them a whole series of questions regarding what they want from their […]
December 11, 2014

Sales process for Accountants

Just been working on this for my new book. The manuscript will be finished by year end. The new book will be out in March 2015.
November 30, 2014

Digital Marketing Manager

It is with awesome excitement that my current Marketing Manager has resigned. Not that I wanted her to resign. It is exciting because after 4 1/2 […]
November 24, 2014

Calling all consultants

My good friend Alan Weiss is running the first dedicated conference just for Consultants. He has 11 speakers over 2.5 days in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It’s […]