How to Create Your Firm’s Marketing Activity Calendar

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October 27, 2017
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November 9, 2017

If you were hoping to see some sort of convoluted process and your observation is that the activity calendar above is very simple, that’s precisely the point. It is supposed to be simple. The key is to take away all of the barriers and excuses that prevent marketing from occurring.

Again, something should be scheduled every single month. You might, for example, commit to monthly client nurturing, quarterly seminars, bi-monthly newsletters, quarterly events for spheres of influence and a major push on referrals in, for example, August. Whatever you select, make it happen and measure the success of each campaign so that you know what to stop doing and what to continue doing more of.

Finally, ensure that you put some internal accountability around the plan. Your marketing coordinator does need to be a strong person who is not afraid of standing up to a delinquent partner who has failed to provide case study content. You might also consider this idea, implemented with great effect by one of our longstanding members, a thriving two-partner Accounting firm in New South Wales, Australia:

Each morning at 7:30 AM, irrespective of where they are or what they are doing, the partners hop on a conference call or convene a meeting for just two minutes to ask each other specifically what they plan to do to develop new business that day and establish whether or not they did what they said they were doing to do the previously day. Because both partners are deadly serious about helping their clients and growing their firm, their rate of implementation is extremely high and this added layer of accountability has helped them ramp it up another notch.

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