The Key To A Powerful Business Action Plan

How To Help Clients Create A Business Action Plan
November 16, 2017
It’s In Your Clients’ Best Interests To Ignore What They Say
November 22, 2017

The key to a powerful action plan is relevance. Your client must be able to discern a clear link between the items on the action plan and the achievement of the goals and objectives that they have articulated. Short and concise beats long and waffly every day of the week.

As you consider the validity of an item proposed for your action plan, you should once again start with why. Why are we considering this particular action item? To what greater gain does its implementation contribute? To which specific objective does the action item pertain?


In our coaching work with Accounting firms, we allow just three projects to be entered onto the 90-day action plan. We have found that implementation is higher and much more focused with a small number of items on the action plan. It is important that the client come up with the action plan, rather than you – but you must challenge the projects the client proposes to run with.

90 day action plan

You too can create a powerful action plan for your firm. Step number one is get your firm’s business performance profile to measure your current productivity level versus its full potential. Once done, we can create a financial forecast and an action plan specifically designed for your firm.

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