Proactive Marketing Methods To Attract The Clients You Want

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January 5, 2018
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Most Accounting practices have a zero-based lead generation (or new inquiries) strategy, which means they do nothing. New clients just “appear,” typically via referral. There’s nothing wrong with getting referrals from existing clients. In fact, they are the best quality leads you can get — free and credible. The challenge with a referral is that it is typically reactive, and you have no control of how many you will get and when. So just having a referral-only strategy is a path to slow growth. To be proactive in lead generation, you need multiple methods to attract the clients you want to attract. It starts with a database of your target market (niche, geographic, service focus). Then with proactive and persistent marketing (with the focus on generating leads), you attract potential clients to your firm.

Here are some examples of proactive marketing tactics that you can apply:

Direct mail and email
Paper newsletter, magazine
Seminars and workshops
Boardroom briefings
Teleseminars and webinars
Referrals from clients or spheres of influence
Host beneficiary relationships


People buy from people, and if you want to get my attention as a business owner (assuming that’s your target market), then you have to remember one word word — experience. Not your years of experience, but the ways that I experience your smarts. You need to create multiple points of experience in your marketing campaigns. Mix it up with voice, video, meetings, presentation, words written, tools downloaded, combinations of these and so much more.

Creating a lead generation strategy with predictable return on investment (more new clients all the time) means you have a consistent marketing system leveraged with technology-driven tools to support your strategy. One such strategy that I personally love is content marketing. In this digital age, they say, “Content is King!” And, I would definitely agree.

With everyone connected to the web nowadays, people (such as your potential clients) are consuming content at such a ravenous pace that it would almost be blasphemous not to take full advantage of it. Imagine having an all-encompassing content marketing engine that needs little-to-no input from you but delivers potential clients to your doorstep.

It is for this very reason why my team and I have developed MarketingHUB, our proprietary content marketing automation software specifically designed and engineered for the use of Accounting firms like yours.

With MarketingHUB, your firm can create emails, social media campaigns, websites and blogs with customizable templates in an all-in-one marketing communications solution platform. This empowers Accountants like you with a solid marketing plan that can help increase your total number of new clients as well as continuously nurture all your existing clients. It’s another win-win scenario if I do say so myself.

You can take the competitive edge to the next level by leveraging proactive technology such as MarketingHUB. This is just one of the tools our Magnify membership program can provide your firm. Discover how you can Magnify your firm’s future.

About the Author

Colin Dunn

Director & Co-founder at PANALITIX

Colin is a Chartered Accountant who, having spent almost 10 years with one of the fastest growing and most innovative firms in the UK, has since invested over 20 years helping business owners to improve their businesses with a focus on attracting new clients, better managing existing clients, developing new products, building an engaged team and strengthening internal business processes.

Colin's primary focus at PANALITIX is on product development and business improvement content. He is the author of the bestselling book “Accountants: The Natural Trusted Advisors".

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