Using TeamBuilder to Energize Your Work Environment


Using TeamBuilder

to Energize
Your Work Environment

Technology can enhance our lives. It can also get in the way. There are things which simply require a ‘human touch’. You’d think that team management is like that, right? Surely we can’t entrust software to drive decision-making in the complex area of human resources?

At Panalitix, we’d say the answer is ‘yes and no’. The most successful teams will interact at a highly personal and human level and leaders will ensure this happens.

Some questions remain, however. What EXACTLY should we ‘interact’ about? How do we know what the important topics of conversation are? How do we gather information on what team members REALLY think about our business? Are these topics important to everyone? Or just a few people? How frequently should we interact?

Most importantly, what do we do with this data? Let’s say your team told you that the company vision is completely unclear to them. Is the solution obvious? What if morale is low? Would you know exactly what to do? Perhaps there is a lack of collaboration across teams. That can be tackled in various ways… but what would make the most sense in your business?


TeamBuilder is a tool which increases understanding of the team and allows for quick, impactful solutions to be implemented. Here are some features which make it powerful:

1. TeamBuilder allows you to have short, sharp ‘conversations’ with your extended team. Gone are the days of the giant, “annual employee survey”. Data collection in the modern era is a constant activity where data is gathered in small packages and quickly analyzed.

2. TeamBuilder has the questionnaires already figured out. You can ‘take the temperature’ in your business on topics such as hiring, training, compensation, performance management, morale, culture, management and a host of other issues using professionally built templates.

3. Speaking of analysis, the last thing you need is a whole heap of data to wade through looking for important trends. This analysis is done by TeamBuilder which provides you with a set of solutions; the actions you can take to strengthen your organization based on the responses to the questionnaire. The solutions are also prioritized according to how much impact they will deliver.

4. You may not be an HR professional or have a lot of this expertise in your organization. Put another way, you may not know exactly what to do to implement the solutions. That’s where Panalitix content comes in. Each solution is supported by content; templates, methodologies, checklists, articles and videos to help you implement change.

5. Data collected through TeamBuilder is useful in helping you make decisions but it also helps you benchmark against your peers. You are not the only business trying to optimize your team dynamics so why not see how you compare to other similar businesses?

Most of all, remember this is not a one-time fix. TeamBuilder allows you to constantly develop your team dynamics leading to higher productivity, increased employee retention and better working environments. That means more success and fun in the workplace!

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Mark Ferris

Mark is an entrepreneur who has founded, built and sold a number of businesses, mostly in the information technology industry. His businesses have served major multinational companies in areas including business intelligence, process improvement and procurement across Asia, North America and Europe.

As an investor, Mark focuses on early-stage technology businesses with an interest in SaaS companies and providers of content. Mark lectures in an Executive MBA program on entrepreneurship, mentors numerous businesses and is a frequent speaker in business forums.


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