Content Marketing – Distinguishing your Accounting Business


Content Marketing –

Distinguishing your Accounting Business

Ever been in a store where there are free samples available? Did you try them? Did you buy anything?

Statistically, the answers to the above questions are probably, ‘Yes’, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. That doesn’t mean the sampling campaigns were unsuccessful. For one thing, they got your attention and you sampled the product. Maybe you will tell your friends and maybe you will consider buying next time. That’s better than your having no exposure to their products whatsoever.

Content marketing in the in-store sampling for accountants. Basically, you give away useful, free stuff which is – hopefully – engaging, educational, memorable and builds trust. People who see your content are unlikely to buy immediately but you create a relationship of trust leading to future revenue opportunities.

In Panalitix, we help Accountants to be better at content marketing by following these steps:


It’s all about the Message!

We encourage accountants to reveal their uniqueness. What makes your business stand out? Your products? Unique client base? Unique skill sets? Unique business approach? Figuring out these differentiating factors is a critical first step.

This leads to an understanding of the product you want to sell and your target customer. The job of finding those prospects and enticing them with memorable content becomes much easier. If you are competing on your ‘tax and compliance’ capabilities, it will be difficult to persuade prospects that you are different.

Panalitix clients are increasingly emphasizing their capabilities in succession planning, the hospitality industry, large-scale offshoring, government contract accounting, tax advice for expatriates to name a few areas. Their marketing challenges are simpler when laser-focused on areas of distinction.



A blend of written content (email newsletters, blogs, white papers) and video content (webinars, tutorials and leadership messages) is a good starting point. Some clients also record and broadcast content such as Podcasts while others focus on high-quality designed content. Infographics, charts and other visual guides fit this category.

Panalitix provides coded content (such as interactive guides) where prospects can interact with the accounting firm on various business matters to build knowledge and trust.

While creation of content takes time and requires investment, the good news is that the same content can be re-purposed and used in different forms. Some assets have a long shelf life and can be used repeatedly. This is part of the content planning process.


Opportunity management

It’s hard enough to generate leads especially the ‘right’ leads so following up in a fast and efficient way is essential. Prospects will quickly lose interest if they don’t receive your detailed proposal, your pricing and your terms & conditions. They also want an easy payment option and a way to conclude a Service Level Agreement. Linking this information to your lead generation activities is a smart way to create efficiency while saving your time in proposal generation, closing business and chasing payment. Wasting leads is simply not good business practice.


In the next 3- days, we are offering:

#1 Getting Started Package

Set up contact lists and a branded digital newsletter to be distributed twice monthly. There is a dedicated account manager to ensure you don’t waste time and that you can take advantage of our content designed to inspire your audience.

#2 Aficionado package

Refine your message through clarification of your goals, products and target clients. We’ll develop a content plan with you over a 90 day period right through to management of any new opportunities.

Join our numerous clients located in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, UK, Sweden and South Africa and enjoy open rates of 34% and click-through rates of 15% as well as numerous interactive opportunities to build trust and generate leads. Please get in touch to discuss how we can support your firm in this important area.



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