Proposals with Less Pain and More Gain


Proposals with
Less Pain and More Gain

Many firms struggle with creating and sending proposals efficiently.  Moreover, the final product is often an underwhelming-looking, intimidating, lengthy text document. Panalitix offers a complete solution to improve both the proposal generation process as well as the user experience for your clients.

At Panalitix, we spend a lot of time listening to clients’ challenges. And something we hear again and again is the frustration with the time it takes to create and get proposals out. Let’s take a look at the proposal creation process used by many of the firms we work with:

  1. Open and edit a Word document.
  2. Email it to a team member for input/approval.
  3. Get an email back stating approval or making recommendations.
  4. Implement any changes in the Word document.
  5. Save it as a PDF.
  6. Upload it to something like DocuSign (or worse yet – don’t even try to get an electronic signature!) and copy/paste details as needed.
  7. If there are any last minute changes – undo and repeat steps 1-6.
  8. Email the PDF to the client.

AND, the BEST part, is that when you are done with all that you have a beautiful, branded, easy-to-understand dull-looking, text-heavy, probably intimidating document for your client to read and respond to. LOL.

Once the document has been sent, the process often continues as follows:

  1. Wait to see if the client responds. Ask yourself: “Did they even read this?” Follow up by email.
  2. If they respond and agree (by email), send through an engagement letter with additional Terms and Conditions.
  3. Once they agree to the second document, create and send them an invoice.
  4. Chase up the invoice by email.
  5. Once payment is confirmed, start the work.
  6. PHEW!

Why wouldn’t you want to save time by consolidating all of those steps into one solution that would also result in a slick-looking, branded document that makes your clients want to read, sign and pay?

Why wouldn’t you want to increase efficiency by keeping all of the ‘puzzle pieces’ for your proposals – templates, blocks, payment tables, Terms and Conditions – in one place so that your team can easily drag and drop elements to create a beautiful and easy-to-navigate proposal?

Why wouldn’t you want to be able to share a draft with team members who could directly edit or comment on it without having to waste time emailing back and forth?

Why wouldn’t you want to know if your client had viewed your proposal without having to waste time chasing it up by email?

Why wouldn’t you want your client to have the option to pay immediately upon signing the document?

Hmmm….Why indeed?

Let Panalitix help you reduce your Proposal Pain. Get in touch to find out more.



Kim Forsythe

Kimberly Forsythe has been working in all aspects of communications for over 25 years. Whether it's writing content, or presenting content behind a microphone or in front of a camera, her passion for effective communication has led her to work with large international corporations, small businesses, media organizations and not-for-profits.

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