Transform your Niche Product Offering into an Engaging Marketing Campaign… in no time!


Transform your Niche Product Offering into

an Engaging Marketing Campaign… IN NO TIME!


How do you let clients know that you offer a great service that will make a real difference to their business? 

Should you call them all up? 

Ugh, that sounds awful. 

Send an email? 

Ho hum…

Grabbing a client’s attention is hard. Holding their attention is even harder.

So what’s the secret? Well, sorry, no magic here. First, is the ‘hard’ stuff. 

Many Panalitix clients struggle to articulate their:

1. Value Proposition:
Explaining why a client needs what they are offering.

2.  Credibility:
Reminding clients why they are uber-qualified to perform this service.

3. Well-defined Scope of Work:
Clearly presenting the details of what the service entails.

4. Upfront pricing:
No surprises. It’s done and dusted once the client signs.

But, once this has all been established, it’s time for the ‘fun’ stuff. Because HOW all of this information is presented can make a big difference.

Who says accounting and business advisory services can’t be…sexy?

What if you made a short video that explained your value proposition and why your firm can deliver?

What if you then embedded this video in a super-slick document that also clearly laid out the Scope of Work, the Investment, and was ready to capture a digital signature so your client could sign right away? And then, once the deal was closed, a request for payment was automatically triggered? Wouldn’t it also be great to be notified when someone opened your campaign?

Panalitix has been helping our clients create clear, value-added marketing campaigns that grab attention and close sales. Let us take you to the next level of marketing your accounting and advisory services!


Kim Forsythe

Kimberly Forsythe has been working in all aspects of communications for over 25 years. Whether it's writing content, or presenting content behind a microphone or in front of a camera, her passion for effective communication has led her to work with large international corporations, small businesses, media organizations and not-for-profits.

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