Increasing Revenue from Your Existing Clients


Increase revenue 
from your existing clients




It’s gratifying to see that almost all firms we are working with have grown in the past twelve months, both in terms of revenue and profit. 

Certainly, they have all picked up new clients… but the most profitable growth has come from increasing the value of EXISTING client relationships. This suggests that existing clients should form a really important part of growth strategy. 

We believe so strongly in this that we built a course to help Accountants find new revenue from their clients!

What is covered in the course? Here’s a quick summary:

Step 1: Create the context

Why is this important? Why should you care? This provides the foundations for what comes next…

Step 2: Analyze the client base – what is REALLY there?

Classify your clients using our proprietary tools and you may find some clients you should NOT be working with. More importantly, you may find clients that can graduate to higher fee levels. 

Step 3: Grow your understanding of clients to offer them new, RELEVANT solutions

To grow fees from existing clients, most Accountants will need to introduce new services. That means innovating! We’ll show you in detail how to learn more about client goals, strategies, opportunities, and challenges. This lays a platform for you to offer impactful solutions to help them. 

Step 4: Productizing

Just knowing what your clients need is not enough. Your clients buy ‘products’ or ‘solutions’, not wisdom. They want clarity on what they are getting and the benefits, especially the return on their investment. That means ‘productizing’ your skills.

Step 5: Creating awareness

No point in developing these products if clients remain unaware of what you can offer. So, how do you reach out and educate them? Then close deals? The good news is that you don’t have to sell additional services to ALL of your clients. Many won’t need your new solutions… but those that do will greatly value what you are offering. 

That’s a really quick summary. What should you look for in any course? Here are some pointers:

  • Ensure it is action-oriented (theory is useful… only up to a point)
  • Ensure these actions are working in the real world (especially with Accountants)
  • Take the course at YOUR pace (to fit around your day-to-day work)
  • The course should be accessed on an attractive eLearning platform (for the best learning experience)
  • The course should be available to various team members (share the learnings among partners, Accountants, client service coordinators, marketers, administrators as appropriate) 
  • The course should embrace different learning styles (e.g. videos, workbooks, assessments, quizzes, exercises, etc. because everyone learns differently) 
  • The course should be interactive (because often the best way of learning is by ‘doing’)
  • The course should be tried and tested by Accountants (input from your peers will make for more impactful courses)

These are the standards we are setting and we are determined to see you succeed! 

So, if you’re a growth-minded Accountant and want to build on your client relationships, why not put some structure around this and commit to a course?! Click below to get more information.


Mark Ferris

Mark Ferris is an entrepreneur who has founded, built and 'exited' numerous businesses realizing success for shareholders, employees, customers and acquirers. He has a particular interest in software, solutions and service businesses and frequently writes on related topics.

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