Accountants and the Language of Business


Accountants and the Language

of Business

Accountants looking to make a big, positive impact on their clients should give GrowthEquation a try.

Current users of GrowthEquation are finding that it:

  • builds an accountant’s credibility through conversations about business drivers (not just financial drivers);
  • identifies business ‘drivers’ which will really make a difference (as opposed to relying solely on traditional accounting reports such as cash flow forecasts);
  • helps a client plan next steps by revealing the priorities and how improvement can impact the business
  • assists a client with implementation of their plans through powerful content resources
  • helps accountants conclude productive, long-term, lucrative advisory contracts with clients

These may sound like lofty claims… but the truth is accountants need to learn the language of business and, in some cases, new skills to succeed as advisors. GrowthEquation nurtures the skills and enables the accountant to shine in an environment which may not be familiar at first.

Accountants who sign up by December 6, 2019 will get two free training sessions to help build their skills and confidence as business advisors. We invite accountants who are serious about developing their professional skills to get in touch here.


Mark Ferris

Mark Ferris is an entrepreneur who has founded, built and 'exited' numerous businesses realizing success for shareholders, employees, customers and acquirers. He has a particular interest in software, solutions and service businesses and frequently writes on related topics.

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